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May 24-27th Signing in Atlanta

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June 1st Signing in South Carolina 

June 7-9th Signing in Arizona


Upcoming Projects

Back to Bridgewood" is a heartwarming comedic tale reminiscent of "Bruce Almighty" meets "Abbott Elementary" on the silver screen. Liz Johnson, a privileged sitcom star, faces a drastic turn in her life after a debilitating accident lands her in a coma for three months. Upon awakening, she confronts the harsh reality of losing everything: her job, Hollywood status, and financial security. With no recourse, Liz reluctantly seeks refuge with her long-forgotten childhood friend, Anne, in their hometown of Bridgewood. As she adjusts to a simpler life, Liz grapples with newfound challenges, including humility, independence, and the true meaning of friendship. Returning to her roots, Liz embarks on a journey of self-discovery, finding unexpected allies like B.J., a PE teacher, and her enigmatic student, Paul, whose profound insights help her confront past traumas and embrace life's unpredictability. Through humor and resilience, Liz navigates the ups and downs of rebuilding her life, one courageous step at a time.


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Check out our new Youtube Channel Power Rangers Playback! Live the nostalgia of Power Rangers as Cat and Nakia watch, relive, comment, and laugh through their time on Power Rangers and beyond on Power Rangers Playback! Subscribe to Power Rangers Playback today
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    June 21-23 2024
Rangerstop & Pop Comic Con in Atlanta,
Georgia at the Omni Atlanta Hotel CNN Center
is the newest Comic Con to come

under the Rangerstop umbrella. Rangerstop
and Pop brings all things Power Rangers
and Pop Culture together!
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