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Sovereignty Entertainment Inc.                                        Presents

In 2012, Nakia Burrise launched Sovereignty Entertainment Inc., a production company dedicated to producing family-friendly television, web series, and films. Credits include an acclaimed multi-season comedy web series Class Dismissed, Power Rangers Playback Youtube Channel, and Back To Bridgewood Feature film in post Production.

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The Film

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Behind the Scenes

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Other Sovereignty Projects

                   Class Dismissed 


          Web SeriesReceived a Multi-Streaming Distribution deal with                                       Maverick Entertainment in 2022

Class Dismissed is a comedy series centered around three grade school friend...and the ‘other’... Liz, Anne, BJ, and Nancy (the other). Liz, the outspoken, sassy tv extra, turned teacher, turned extra again, constantly finds herself in limbo between her fantasy world of background acting, online dating disasters, and her new job as the class aid to the school's bully, Timmy...who's 8. Anne, is the easy going, free spirited, third grade teacher who uses yoga and ti chi to teach her students Math and English; while trying to balance her best friend Liz's chaotic life dilemmas. Just when you think the school has enough ‘crazy,’.... in comes, BJ, the lazy PE teacher by day and struggling comedian by night. Abrasive and loud-mouthed, BJ’s entourage of tricks include gambling on campus and using Liz and Anne as his comic material while trying to score dates with the mothers of the school. And of course there’s Nancy, the nosey perfectionist, teacher, and mole. She hopes her covert operation will win over the principal and advance her teacher status. But, there is one thing for sure...what happens in the teacher’s lounge, stays in the teacher’s lounge! 

Power Rangers Playback

Nakia Burrise (Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo) and Catherine Sutherland (Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo, & Turbo) relive the nostalgia of Power Rangers as they watch, comment, and laugh through their time on Power Rangers and beyond in Power Rangers Playback! Power Rangers Playback is not just for the avid Power Ranger fan. Anyone who loves laughter and positivity will enjoy watching the dynamic of these two best friends. We have great content. 


  • Playback Reaction videos (Catherine and Nakia rewatch their episodes and other series with special guests)

  • Game Show, "Who Knows it Best" Power Ranger trivia with Power Rangers special  guests battling each other and fans. 

  • Adventures of Cat & Nakia: follow the girls on their travels to different events and signings and see behind the scenes

  • Amateur Toy Reviews

  • Live Stream with Special guests......and so much more!


       Join us Every Wednesday for a new and entertaining episode!

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© 2015 Nakia Burrise. All Headshots Property of Nakia Burrise

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